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What Our Customers Say

Personal Service is Our Priority

I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by you when I purchased my hearing aids.  I sincerely appreciate your efficient gracious customer service; the level of detail and accountability you demonstrate on each level of hearing aid use and the way you conduct business as a whole.

Carol Whitney

Tracie, Dad thinks you’re a great person. You treat Dad with respect. Per dad, he thinks you and your team are the greatest. Thanks for your professionalism and kindness. (Always with a smile.)

Sheila and Paul Briggs

Very impressed with atmosphere of building and very friendly staff. Very organized when picked up hearing aids.

Dawn Salter

I have worked with Tracie for 15+ years and was always happy with her wisdom and help, and I look forward to many more years working with her and keeping my hearing better year after year!

Rachel Hess

Ever since I have suffered sudden hearing loss 10 years ago Tracie has taken the time to make sure I had a hearing aid that works for me. Her and her staff have always given the best most professional service. This continues today.

Dean Salyer

Traci, the owner and hearing professional is easy-going and comfortable to be with. The office environment is cozy and welcoming, despite the new regimen dictated by Covid-19. Her staff is accommodating and professional, and at the same time warm and friendly. The visit is never rushed, and no-pressure so you walk away knowing you are in charge of your own decision about aids. A very pleasurable experience.

Carol Fisher

Tracie is amazing at what she does! She’s very thorough in her exam and explanations of any questions you might have. She has helped my husband so much! He’s so glad he went and got hearing aids. It makes a positive difference! I highly recommend Tracie!

Ann Van Pelt

At The Hearing Aid Shop, we’re committed to improving the lives of our customers through enhanced hearing and caring customer service. Our customers agree:

Very nice people and very professional. I will tell people about them.

Genevieve Krygier

Tracie is not your traditional professional. From the moment you enter the office they make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Tracie takes the time to truly explain your type of hearing loss and then give you hearing aid options. You are never pressured to make a decision. Tracie goes above and beyond to make sure you are completely satisfied with your hearing aids and works with you to perfect the settings. Thank you for everything you do for your patients and Ron and I. Very pleased and would highly recommend the Hearing Aid Shop.

Deb Bower Leitzell – 5 stars

I’m a very satisfied customer of my transaction. Tracy has gone above and beyond with my experience along with Trail from the beginning, no pressure sales and will guide you through your options. Along with Teresa mandating the office. Thanks for a pleasurable experience.

Gary Stoll

Your real-life persona is only a minimal summary of your actual mission statement.

I feel entirely well served I do appreciate your sincere efforts to go above and beyond those in your mission statement. Your integrity to go above and beyond is deeply appreciated by me. Your welcoming staff provides the first indication of your professional, and caring attitude.

Marilyn E. Vreeland

I knew that I had hearing loss but was very surprised at just how much I was missing. Tracie was fabulous at helping me see the impact it was having on my life. She not only has a plethora of knowledge but is eager to share it! I am extremely happy with my new hearing aids and my experience with Tracie and the staff @ The Hearing Aid Shop. Two thumbs up! Highly recommend !

Liz W.

I highly recommend Tracie for your hearing aid needs. She is very personable, professional and explains the results of your hearing test so you can understand everything. If you buy hearing aids no hard sell involved. She explains all the different types with their pro and cons. She spends a great deal of time setting them up so they are completely comfortable for you. My experience was great! I always try to buy local and have the utmost confidence that Tracie will be there if I ever have questions or problems.

John A. Brooks
Belmont, NY

Tracie, you made my sons day when he found out I had hearing aids. If anyone wants a place of welcome and be treated so nice go to the hearing aid shop, Tracie welcomes you and is so pleasant. She knows what she is doing and believe me you will not find another place like this.

Dorothy Lewis

Tracie and her staff are very professional and do want the best for all of their customers. There is no other small business that provides the level of customer service that they have shown. Tracie will do whatever she has to do to ensure that her customers are fully satisfied and receive the attention they deserve.

Ron Frentz
Little Valley, NY

Any experience concerning Tracie is nothing short of her joy. She seems to me as A very caring individual and I have seen her working with other people the same way. Tracie has always been upbeat and pleasant, the thing I to say about her is that she will go out of her way to help people, I feel privileged to know and do business with her.

Joan Ayers
Olean, NY

One day my husband looked at me and said “Donna, you need hearing aids.” I thought he was joking so I ignored him. At the Allegany County Senior Picnic, I was introduced to “The Hearing Aid Lady”! I made an appointment to see her and I am so glad I did. The first week of wearing the aids, I could not believe how much I have been missing! The support Tracie gives me makes it easy to wear hearing aids. I would not be without them. I think my husband is the happiest about the aids, he does not have to yell for me to hear what he has to say. The mission statement for The Hearing Aid Shop is very true!

Donna Rott

Dear Tracie,

I’m so glad that through my dear brother in law Jon, we met you! Thank you for giving my sweet husband back his hearing! I love being able to talk to him and I know he hears me now. What a gift you have been given to be able to help people like us! From both our hearts, we are forever thankful. God bless you in your business and always!

Richard & Debby Cowburn

Dear Tracie EAR LADY,

I want to thank you for being so generous in repairing my hearing aids last week. You would be surprised how happier it made my marriage. You are so thoughtful in caring for a veteran. It is a pleasure just to come to your shop and lounge in your waiting area. It sure is a pleasant atmosphere and I think it is a museum. Plus all this; then to have a great cup of coffee. Can’t beat it. Thanks…I am trying to figure how I make you my sister on my family tree.

One Happy Customer,
Lyle P. Edwards

Tracie and Rhonda,

Thank you so much for the professional and kindly treatment that you both give, not just me but I know all the people you help.  I am so grateful for my hearing aids but also your kindness and caring along with your great understanding.  What a pleasant experience it has been.

Thank you again.

Roberta “Bobbie” Sprague

At 88 years old, these girls have given me a new life! I would recommend them to anyone!

Adrian Torrey

Don’t cut the quality of the appliance or care for your hearing disability. Purchase the best to start with. To hear well and clear is worth it. Hearing is as important to your good health as your heart. You would want the best treatment or care for your heart and you wouldn’t think of cutting corners there, so don’t on hearing. It is evident that you truly care about the people you treat. Thank you so much for your caring and unselfish devotion.

Merle Burger

I drive over 50 miles for the expert service and care that Tracie and staff provide. The hearing aids she fitted me with are the best I have ever had.

Don Siegrist
Jasper, NY

First, thank you for all your efforts over the past several years to help me with my hearing problem. You are without a doubt the most committed, ethical, and caring hearing professional that I have known during my more than 30 years of hearing aid use. Fine tuning new hearing aids to an individual’s preferences and needs is often a difficult process and your ‘I’ll do whatever it takes to get it just right’ approach makes all the difference. Thank you.

Dave Tuttle
Friendship, NY
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I have been wearing hearing aids for 15 years.  Just a few days ago, I tried a new set of hearing aids from Tracie Edwards at The Hearing Aid Shop and the results have been incredible!  I sat in a restaurant with a large group of men and women, and heard EVERYTHING.  This has not happened in years!  The hearing aid changes automatically, so I don’t have to do anything.  It’s simply the best technology I’ve ever used.  Best of all, Tracie allowed me to try these hearing aids with no money down.  The Hearing Aid Shop provides great personalized service, and I trust them!

D. Ross
Little Genesee, NY

About seven years ago I responded to an ad for a hearing test at the Hearing Aid Shop in Bolivar,NY. The result of the exam? A pair of hearing aids. The result of the hearing aids? I left Tracie Edward’s office filled with emotion; a lost world of hearing had been returned to me in just this one visit. I had not realized until that moment what a significant role our hearing plays in maintaining our connection to our surroundings, both social and environmental. And here is something else I also came to realize; I may well have become one more person with hearing aids collecting dust on a dresser and sharing my sad tale with others as many had already related to me had it not been for the on-going support from Tracie. Fully adjusting to your new hearing aids is greatly assisted through follow up support. And that is exactly what I got from Tracie. My satisfaction was her primary goal. Your satisfaction will also be her primary goal. She is a rare find in today’s world. When you are going to invest in something so critical to your quality of life, you want someone who will be listening carefully to you throughout the process and who will continue to listen long after the sale to make sure you get the most out of your hearing aids.

C. Seely
Ulysses, PA

My mom is one of Tracie’s clients. I accompanied her on 2 of her appointments and was extremely impressed. Tracie was very caring without being condescending. Knowing that price would be a concern, Tracie gave many options for hearing aids based on prices as well as suitability. I highly recommend The Hearing Aid Shop.


Just want to say a big thank-you for fitting my husband with hearing aids. We can’t believe the difference they have made in our lives. No more loud TV, no more repairing things over and over until they are heard. Also want to thank you for all the follow-up work you do that has been included in our initial cost — from tweaking them to replacing the one the dog chewed up. The drive to Bolivar is nothing when we realize the difference you have made in our lives! Thanks Tracie!

Wellsville, NY

I like coming here because this is where I got to hear again. It was awful.  Tracie is the only one who cared about my hearing. I can’t believe I can hear again and I can hear my grand-kids. I can’t live without them now.


For those of you who know me well, you know I suffer from profound hearing loss. Let me tell you at 29 years old, it really has affected my quality of life for some time now, as well as created major fear with my future as a healthcare provider due to my limitations. Yesterday I got hearing aids, not just any hearing aid, but special ones that insert right into my ears, no wires or boxes behind it. I got home and was blown away by things I could hear that I have been missing over the years. We were sitting at dinner, and for the 1st time, I heard my daughter chewing her dinner. I heard by boys giggling from the other room. I heard the wind blow from inside the house, and responded to people when they asked me a question from behind me. As I sat back at the end of the night, I couldn’t help but cry. The significance this will make in my life is monumental. I will get to experience so much more now; I mean who would’ve thought that hearing your baby chew would be so exciting! Anyway, I just wanted those who are a part of my life to know how excited I am and what a life changer this is going to be for me. And also a special thank you to Tracie D. Edwards, because without her expertise and help through this, I wouldn’t be here telling everyone! Tracie, you really do change peoples’ lives with what you do… Love you!

Casey Harrison
Whitesville, NY

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